BUDDHA PATH- a journey on the footsteps of Buddha

14 Days
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  • Duration: 13 Nights / 14 Days
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William Herrera was our first client on Buddha Path and later Mariela Alvarez Schiano and Patricio Contreras Radovic from Mexico explored this route on a thorough research based study made by us following the literature of His Eminence Thich Nhat Hanh of Vietnam. Mariela Schiano is practicing Buddhism at Casa Tibet Mexico Sede Monterrey. We have been studying this route where Buddha lived his complete life and we are keen to show those places with descriptions. Namo Buddhaye!

Buddha Path- a journey to discover how Buddha lived 

Buddha Path is a mission to retrace the physical routes where Buddha has travelled during his entire life starting from Lumbini to Kushinagar. We try to look inside the spiritual sanctity of this route too that depends on individual fallow traveler’s interest and efforts. We try to look back and experience the “path” partly through the eyes of Svasti, the buffalo boy, and partly through the eyes of the Buddha himself. 

Neranjara River, Bodhi Tree, Uruvela, Rajgir, Vaishali, Kushinagar, Kosambi, Campa Bamboo, Grove monastery, Jetavana, Deer Park and Vulture Peak monastery are the places where Buddha lived and every Buddhist wants to see in his life. 

Our office at Bodh Gaya pays extreme attention to these groups on Buddha Path.

Package Itinerary
  • Day 1Arrive Delhi

    On your arrival; you will be received by our office manager who will further assist you to your hotel in Delhi.

  • Day 2Delhi - Varanasi by air

    This morning you will again be meeting our office manager to join to the Delhi airport for a flight to Varanasi starting at 0930 and reaching Varanasi at 1100 hours and move to your hotel. The day will be full of sightseeing activities including the old city which stands on the west bank of the sacred Ganges and extends back from the Ghats in a winding maze of narrow streets. A principle attraction is the long string of bathing Ghats where pilgrims make their morning cleansing wash in the river. Also there are the burning Ghats where cremations are undertaken.

  • Day 3Varanasi with Sarnath excursion

    Today you will visit the Ghats of Varanasi in the morning for an unforgettable sunrise over the River Ganges. Later you will leave for a full day tour of the holy city of Sarnath. Sarnath holds the distinction of being the venue of the first sermon by Lord Buddha. Here, you will visit various Buddhist stupas and Buddhist temples and the Sarnath temple. By late evening, you will return to your hotel in Varanasi.

  • Day 4Varanasi- Bodh Gaya (274 Kms)

    Morning we drive to Bodhgaya, one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimage centers in the state of Bihar. It was here that Gautama attained enlightenment and became Buddha under the "Bodhi" tree. On arrival, we check in to our hotel and later visit Mahabodhi Temple & Bodhi Tree. The magnificent World Heritage-listed Mahabodhi Temple, where Buddha attained enlightenment and formulated his philosophy of life, forms the spiritual heart of Bodhgaya. Within the temple complex entrance is a bookshop with a range of Buddhist literature.

  • Day 5Bodh Gaya

    Today sightseeing tour of main temple, Kala Charka Ground, Dhungeshori, Niranjana River, Sujata Village and Sujata Temple where Sujata, the girl of village chief, offered milk to Gautama when he was found unconscious. Another attraction is a 25m-high Great Buddha Statue towers above a pleasant garden at the end of Temple The impressive monument was unveiled by the Dalai Lama in 1989, and is surrounded by 10 smaller sculptures of Buddha’s disciples. The statue is partially hollow and is said to contain some 20,000 bronze Buddhas.

  • Day 6Bodhgaya - Nalanda – (103 Kms) - Rajgir (39 Kms)

    This morning we leave Bodhgaya and head towards Nalanda and Rajgir, two prominent places on very original Buddhist trail. Nalanda is world's oldest university founded in the 5th century. At Nalanda you will visit the first university of India and centre of Buddhist education. This ancient city of Nalanda was the center of intellectual activity from the fifth century B.C. to the twelve century A.D. Also visit Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, The remnants of Nalanda University.

  • Day 7Rajgir full day excursion

    Rajgir was capital of 6th century Magadha Empire and was revered site of Buddha's discourses. Buddha spent many years here. Jail of Bimbisara, Pippala cave, newly constructed Vishwa Shanti Stupa and many more places are there to visit in Rajgir this day. About 5km south of town, a wobbly, single-person ropeway that leads uphill to the Shanti Stupa and Monasteries built by the Japanese Devotees of the Buddha on top of the Ratnagiri hill.

  • Day 8Rajgir – Vaishali (149 Kms)

    Morning we drive to Vaishali and check into our hotel before we move out to explore this important place on Buddha footstep list. Most sites in Vaishali surround a large tank. Dominating the skyline is a gleaming, modern Japanese Peace Pagoda, while opposite is a small museum presenting a collection of clay and terracotta figures plus an intriguing 1st- to 2nd-century AD toilet pan with appropriately sized exit holes. Nearby are the ground-floor remains of a stupa that contained Buddha’s ashes that now reside in Patna Museum. It was here that the Buddha announced the approaching of his Mahaparinirvana.

  • Day 9Vaishali-Kushinagar(169 Kms)

    After breakfast, we start our story telling journey with exploration in person to Kushinagar- the last of the four main pilgrimage sites marking Buddha’s life. We check into our hotel and later move for an extra ordinary sightseeing. Kushinagar is where Buddha died, breathing his last words: ‘All things must pass. Work out your own salvation with diligence’. According to a Buddhist text, when he died ‘the earth shook, stars shot from the heavens, the sky in the 10 directions burst forth in flames and the air filled with celestial music’. Devotees from several countries have built temples here to accommodate monks and the pilgrims who visit this holy site. The sites of interest are strung out along Buddha Marg, a peaceful, green area of town with a suitably reverent atmosphere. A nice Buddha Museum, which exhibits Buddhist relics, sculptures and terracotta unearthed from the Kushinagar region, as well as some Tibetan Thangkas (rectangular painting on cloth) and Mughal miniature paintings. We visit the Mahaparinirvana Temple that houses the world famous reclining statue of Buddha. It is the most important site to visit in Kushinagar.

  • Day 10Kushinagar – Lumbini (161 Kms)

    Early morning we leave Kushinagar and drive to Lumbini As the historical birthplace of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha, Lumbini is one of the most important religious sites in the world. The man, who would later achieve enlightenment under a Bodhi tree, inspiring a global philosophy of peace and reflection, was born under a Sal tree in Lumbini in the month of May in 563 BC. We visit at the centre of Lumbini is the Maya Devi Temple, which marks the exact spot where Queen Maya Devi of Kapilvastu gave birth to Gautama Siddhartha. Surrounding the temple is a sacred garden containing the Pillar of Ashoka as well as the ruined foundations of dozens of ancient stupas and monasteries. Normally the pilgrims and Buddhist scholars here come in a slow, respectful trickle and many stay on to meditate in the monasteries surrounding the sacred site.

  • Day 11Lumbini full day excursion with Kapilvastu (23 Kms one way)

    The day’s journey to Kapilvastu is short but meaningful because this is the place where Buddha spent his 29 years of life as Siddhartha. Sightseeing Tour of Ancient Kapilvastu includes Tilaurakot (A joint effort by Nepali and Japanese archeologists recovered the royal town of Tilaurakot, the elaborate gateway in the western side, the twin stupa of the Buddha's parents, and King Suddhodhan's palace in and around the Tilaurakot mound) Kudan (Kudan4 km south of Tilaurakot is a huge mound of structural ruins and a pond nearby appears to be the ruins of stupas and monasteries. It is said to be the Kasaya Stupa, where a Kasaya (yellow robe worn by monks) was presented to Lord Buddha where King Suddhodhana met Lord Buddha for the first time after he returned from Enlightenment), Gotihawa (3 km southwest of Taulihawa is historically and archaeologically important religious and archaeological site for the Buddhism. It is believed that Krakuchanda Buddha, who came before Shakyamuni Buddha, was born in Gotihawa and attained Nirvana here).

  • Day 12Lumbini – Sravasti (159 Kms)

    Today we proceed in the morning to another part of the Buddha trail, Sravasti. The Buddha passed the greater part of his monastic life in Savatthi. Of the ancient Savatthi, the city walls are still standing, within these, the remains of 3 ancient buildings can be visited: Angulimala's stupa, Anathapindika's stupa, and an old temple dedicated to a Jain Tirthankar. The site of Jetavana monastery is the main pilgrim destination, with meditation and chanting mainly done at the Gandhakuti (Buddha's hut) and the Anandabodhi tree. Buddhist monasteries from the following countries have been constructed at Sravasti: Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tibet and China.

  • Day 13Sravasti full day sightseeing

    Full day to spend at Jetavana monastery.

  • Day 14Sravasti to Lucknow drive (170 Kms) and later Delhi by air

    Morning we drive to Lucknow, a stylish city of India and reach airport to board one hour flight for Delhi. We will reach Delhi and drive to your hotel either for the full night stay or according to your international flight connection.


  • Administrative coordination with local administration wherever required
  • Airport to airport transportation & office support
  • Hotels on twin sharing from Delhi to Delhi
  • All hotels on half board except Delhi
  • One AC Toyota Innova car for 3 persons 
  • Experienced accompanying escort with local knowledge
  • All sightseeing as per the program


  • Air travel, air/ land rescue
  • Personal level expenditures
  • Insurance – click here to get yourself insured

What can you book on additional cost/ rent?

  • Insurance for your expedition.
  • Solar battery chargers
  • Sightseeing of Agra and Rajasthan or any other place after completion of your main trip. 

Payment can be made through cards/ online and wire transfer to our bank.We charge 25% of the total tour cost at the time of booking and rest 45 days prior to your arrival in India.  

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No refund, cancellation or compensation will be paid back to the client in case of any reason caused by natural disaster, war, terrorism, weather etc.  

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If you make any changes in the itinerary after booking of the tour, additional cost will be charged wherever and however necessary. This will imply even the itinerary is changed because of bad weather, cancellation of connecting flights, road blocks or any other natural / man- made situation.

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You must get your insurance done well in advance. In case of any land/ air rescue/ evacuation services provided by us will be charged from you. It may include hotels, transportation, food, doctors, helicopters, porters, hospital service etc. We don’t take any responsibility of your baggage and other belongings.

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Our hotels
We provide 4/5 star hotels in Delhi and 3 star hotels in Bagdogra, Darjeeling, Ziro, Rishikesh, Nainital, Manali and Leh. The hotels in Uttarkashi, Almora, Gangotri, Zanskar, Kargil and other places will be mixture of best available hotels/ guest houses/ home stays. These are the cities and towns on the way to 90% of our journeys.

Our food
The hotels in Delhi will be offered on room+ breakfast basis and hotels in Himalayan cities will be offered on room + breakfast + dinner basis and in remote areas it will include all meals. The camping days will offer all meals. (We provide base camp food for 5- 7 days to the groups on climbing expeditions and all meals at BC to LO and cook + kitchen helper during such expeditions). Our cost includes food for the porters and horse/ mule handling persons too during trekking. Our cooks are trekking for more than 20 years with our groups and they are expert in serving you delicious and nutritious food during trekking. We have made certain experiences with Himalayan Herbs which keep the body warm at high altitude and the cooks offer you variety of cuisine, cakes and breads. If you have any special choice of food, you are welcome to send the list before the tour. If you need gluten free diet or any special requirement, kindly convey well in time.

Our transportation
We use different kind of transportation in different cities/ terrain starting from large and small AC coaches to Tempo Travelers, Toyota Innova cars and other 4WD cars. We offer powerful support vehicles for your luggage and our camping gears wherever necessary. 

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Porters / ponies/ horses
Our porters are trained in carrying trekking/ expedition material. Our High Altitude porters are experienced in climbing up with the teams and fix ropes. Low Altitude Porters carry your equipment and food till Base Camp. Every Low Altitude Porter group is led by a captain to avoid any kind of inconvenience during the trekking period. Horse- men are also experienced in the mountains and when there were no emails and phones in our region, they never forgot to reach to the loading points conveyed to them one year ago by the departing group tour leader. 

Equipment checklist
Kindly click here to get whole list, you can consult your climbing instructors in your country and email us to finalize the list of equipment according to your expedition. 

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Our escorts and guides are passionate and trained. Trekking guides and exploratory trip escorts understand your requirements and at same time climbing guides and mountain Sherpas add all possible scope of success in your expeditions. Our climbing guides remain occupy in Indian peaks and Nepalese peaks equally so if you are not planning an alpine style expedition, it is always advisable to book you guide well in time.

Community support 
We enjoy a great community back up and support in entire Himalayan region because we belong to these mountains and have best references everywhere. This community support works a lot in any last minute requirement, natural hazards or passing communication.    

  • We are organizing these adventure trips and expeditions since 1995 so we have learnt to plan according to your stamina, training and requirements...

    Experienced Guides and Staff

    We are organizing these adventure trips and expeditions since 1995 so we have learnt to plan according to your stamina, training and requirements. Our Mountain Guides, Climbing Sherpas, HAPs (high altitude porters) and cooks hold several years experience in the mountains. Our tour escorts and guides for trekking, biking and exploratory field trips study and research the geography, anthropology and history of destinations pertaining to the trips assigned to them.

    Insurance with Global Rescue

    We are the authorized partner of Global Rescue which has provided thousands of rescue services in India since 2004. You can book your insurance cover through us. In the mountaineering (Climbing) expeditions, insurance is necessary but you can get your membership of Global Rescue for any of our adventure journeys to make it completely safe and secure.

    Network in Mountains

    Since we are born in the mountains so a natural networking at grass root level is quite obvious but professionally we have trained mountain communities to support an adventure journey in need. We use latest technology to get weather forecast and for any new route we have a dedicated team for research & development. We communicate in the mountains with traditional methods and in your future expeditions you may get satellite phones through us.

    Flexibility in departures & prices

    Our fix departure dates are flexible if you make a group of minimum 4 persons for any trip. For Climbing Expeditions your preferred customized date will be confirmed on the availability of peak with IMF. Similarly our prices are also flexible enough to customize on the basis of your requirements.


We explored Buddha Path, a journey on the footsteps of Buddha few years back and it was extremely knowledgeable trip. The company has studied the philosophy of popular Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh so well that they show every place mentioned by this master on this trail. There are other Buddhists too who visited Buddha Path from Mexico Monastery on our recommendation. 

William Herrera
William Herrera